Eurocenter games : focus on a phenomenal success and its creator

Eurocenter games : focus on a phenomenal success and its creator

Eurocenter games : focus on a phenomenal success and its creator

Since a very young age, he was standing above the other children. For example, in the game, most children simply play but he was already thinking of making something of it. At 14, the curiosity of children awaken and experiments accumulate.

Our artist then was already mature enough for his age to try his luck, realize his dreams and live his passion. All this happened when he found out his passion for video games while playing the Pong created in 1972. Apart from digital games, he was also deeply interested in information networks.

An extraordinary artist

An artist always has to stand out from the crowd and bring personal touch. In this sense, he continued to develop and remain faithful to his passions. Let's discover his assets as an internationally renowned artist in the world of video games:

  •  ;;;;Development of his abilities since his childhood
  •  Initiation of another game mode from the means in hand: Tank
  •  ;;;;Action always based on his passions for video games
  •  ;Adoption of entrepreneurship
  •  ;Creation of his own company to better live his passions and to share them
  •  ;;;;Game creation only in multiplayer mode: GraalOnline
  •  ;;;;Collaboration with various companies working in the same sector as him to strengthen his experience and broaden his relations

A child full of talent with an extraordinary course

After the creation of his first game, he sought the way in the world of work while keeping his two passions. With the characteristics of his game Tank as its fluidity and interesting options, a game he didn't imagine to be successful, he entered the world of the French digital world. He had also decided to collaborate with the only news broadcast networks called Minitel to enjoy his two passions.

On the other hand, this collaboration was not enough for the flexibility and accessibility of the digital sector for everyone. His passage through different companies to work made him realize that he could be owner instead of just being an employee. He thought to himself it what time to start his own business. In 1989, his famous Eurocenter that would later be called Eurocenter Games, was created. And it was a good idea because it allowed him to move forward and go even further.

Success Chain

Once his own firm was built, Stephane Portha ( became a manager or assistant manager or a managing partner in multiple firms. He has thus acquired everything he needed to always evolve while exerting his passions. Then he created the game GraaOnline (a successful game in multiplayer mode). He developped other versions of this game and a huge digital consortium called Eurocenter Group. Eurocenter Games was honored to participate in the first edition of the first games available only on Appstore.

The successes of Eurocenter also focuses on the different versions of the game GraalOnline. Indeed, GraalOnline has evolved and has several versions. Among them for example there is Era +, an urban game that will allow you to manage your own gang and evolve in the midst of territory wars. Since 2007, St├ęphane Portha has been on the list of artists in the world of video games.

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